The Significance Of Flowers

By Florian Coleman

Flowers speak a universal language. Flowers are used by people of various cultures to express many feelings like love, happiness, sorrow, and regret. When we are at a loss of words, we can express our thoughts beautifully through flowers. But meanings change according to the flowers given. Each one has a different message and you have to comprehend what it means before you give it to any one.

Symbolic representation of flowers to assign them some human feelings is termed floriography. The event and the intended message assume prime significance in the Western nations when people consider gifting flowers to other people.

Red roses are accepted messengers of love and passion, whereas, white roses denote purity and pink ones denote lasting friendship. You can apologise to an estranged comrade with a bouquet of white tulips, which stand for forgiveness. Lilies when gifted are usually associated with royalty, celebration, excitement and zeal. Your sick friend will like a 'get well soon' wish with a bouquet of Yarrow, while for a colleague who is beginning a new venture a bunch of Azalea will convey your desire for his success. Some flowers can also have a negative message. For instance, a bouquet of lavender blossoms usually denotes distrust.

There are especially many flowers for lovers to select from, each expressing a unique mood or feeling. Various romantic moods can be conveyed by a number of flowers such as Daisies and Violets.

There is another important factor to be considered before presenting flowers as gifts. Different meanings have been assigned by different traditions to different flowers. If the person you are giving the flowers to belongs to a different nation or culture, you should first know what importance the flower has in that particular nation or culture before gifting it to him or her. Drawing a completely opposite response from the recipient is one thing that you would certainly not like. - 29857

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