Ways To Locate Leaks In Your Water Line

By Scott Rodgers

Locating the water leaks in your water line and diagnosing the problem may serve for the welfare of your plumbing system as a whole.

An examination of your plumbing framework is an essential exercise that must be undertaken from time to time.

Distribute the entire task into two phases. The first phase would cover the test to determine the leak in your plumbing setup whereas the second phase would involve the actual task of locating the source of leak and diagnosing it accordingly. To determine the presence of leaks in your water line, turn off the main water supply to the entire home and check the reading on the water meter.

Most common place to look out for a water meter is either the basement or the side walk of the house. It has an appearance similar to that of the typical electrical meters wherein a dial notifies the reader about the value of the water usage.

Once all the plumbing units of the home are not able to receive any water from the mains, observe the reading in the water meter. A lethargic movement of the needle in the meter points to a minor leak somewhere in the plumbing fixture whereas a vigorous movement of the needle indicates a major leak.

Once you know that there is a leak or two in your water pipeline then make way for another assignment to pinpoint the absolute location of the water leak. Start off by testing your toilet setup. Turn off all the individual valves of the plumbing units of your toilet such that your toilet becomes water-deprived. Once the water supply to the toilet is cut off, check the dial of the water meter for any drop in the reading. A drop in the dial indicates that the toilet is the actual source of the leak. In case no such aberration is noticed then move to the other plumbing segments to carry out the same test.

After testing the plumbing fixtures inside your home, move out to detect the leaks in the affiliated plumbing systems such as sprinkler systems, irrigation systems etc. In addition, examine the pipeline leading from the main water valve to the water meter by shutting off the main water control valve.

If however you fail to work out the causes and the solutions of these water leaks then the services of a plumber can be availed. - 29857

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