An introduction To Uninterrupted Power Supply

By Scott Rodgers

Today is an era of technology and the equipments that facilitates you with different newer techniques is undoubtedly the computers. Since they store a large amount of important data, these need to be protected against catastrophic power breakdown. So, uninterrupted power supply shortly known as UPS are the most advantageous devices.

Sudden fluctuations or power failure causes immediate turning off the computers. But this can be avoided if one use a good quality pure sinusoidal wave UPS.

In addition to constant power supply, these are known for clean, stable and regulated supply. This implies that these provide you invariant and nonfluctuating power supply. Since equipments like computers store very important and official data and are sensitive to fluctuations need to be protected with this device.

UPS consists of many components and devices in itself each performing a different function. Inverter is one such device that any UPS include. It is basically used for the conversion of DC voltage into AC voltage. And so depending on that, UPS are of three main types.

First is the on line UPS that is its most complicated type. These are preferred to places such as critical networks, servers and hospitals. Since these are independent of any frequency or voltage variations, these are known as voltage frequency independent UPS.

Less sophisticated uninterrupted power supply is one that is provided by line interactive or off line UPS systems. These are applicable for home appliances protection and doesn't remain active all the time.

Home UPS also consists of a battery system that carries reserved direct current to the inverter at the time when power supply fails.

UPS being the most reliable and cost effective solution to abrupt power failures, is therefore used by most of the homeowners and companies. - 29857

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