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By Ed Longley

Moving involves many decisions. One of those decisions that must be made is whether to move yourself or hire the pros to help with your move. What you decide will affect both the cost and time of your move. If you need professional moving help, Louisville movers are there for you.

If saving money is your only object, then you may find that it is a better choice for you to move yourself. However, if you need to save time as well as money, then consider hiring the professionals. If you are going to have to take off time from work to complete the move, be sure that you consider the lost wages in the cost of the move when making a comparison.

If the move is just one or two people from a small home or apartment around the block or even across the state, then you may decide to move yourself. Often, you can find a few friends that will help with the move for the price of a pizza. This option is usually very flexible and may not cost as much. One reminder for you is that you are responsible for both loading and unloading all of the furniture and the appliances. If you have very little to move, a trailer may be all that you have to rent.

If the move is a long one or you are not comfortable driving a truck, consider on of the services that lets you pack the truck but drives it for you. This can take the stress of having to drive the truck yourself out of the move.

Hiring professional movers can save you the headache and strife often associated with moving. If you are moving a family from a three-bedroom home across county, professionals are often the best way to go.

If you are going to have to miss work to load and drive yourself, remember that you may miss work and pay. The professionals will take care of all the planning, the packing, the loading and driving. When the truck gets to the new location, they will even unload the truck. Your only responsibility in the move is keeping the family comfortable.

Professional movers are experienced in packing. They will take care so that none of your belongings are damaged. In the unlikely event that something is damaged, they are insured, so you will be reimbursed for the damage. - 29857

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