Good Choices For The First Time Holiday Lights Owner

By Cody Scholberg

A guide for first year decorating

Last year was a particular busy one for you and doing outdoor light decorating just wasn't in the cards then. But now, you feel this year is the one to join in a little holiday joy and display it on your property. If you need some advice, there is no end to the professionals in the lighting profession who will be delighted to get you started in the right direct. They can get you set up with everything you'll need, from extension cords to the actual lights you decide on.

For small homes, a lot of lighting is not required to make your home festive and colorful for the holidays. Too much can even look a little crowded or messy. Your goal is to make your home attractive and cheerful, not gaudy or tacky. Probably your first year you will want to be conservative both in price and amount of lighting. Just a simple spotlight directed toward the beautiful wreath on your front door can be very pretty. Of, if you prefer, wreaths can be purchased with lights attached to them.

Ideas for your first Outdoor Lighting project

If you want a particularly nice focal point, place a small decorated tree on your front stoop or porch. Place colored or clear white lights on the tree for instant "holiday". The most energy efficient lights are the LED bulbs or try some of the rope lights if you'd like to wrap them around porch columns. They are equally energy saving lights.

You will probably want to have a lighted Santa Claus in your front yard for their enjoyment, or perhaps a Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Small children get so excited over this sign that Christmas is arriving soon. And, as they come on again each evening, the little squeals of delight continue. A lot of people agree that "Christmas" is for children. When it comes to Santa Claus it certainly is.

Get the supplies you need on that same trip to the store

One almost essential item is a timer that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at the specified hour that you choose. There is a little extra security included with this technique. No one will know you are not home since the lights go on and off even when you're away. A timer is not recommended for the inside of the home, however, due to the possibility of fire. Be sure that any lights or equipment that you purchase is UL approved.

One good thing about the second year you decorate, all you need to do is gather everything from the year before and you'll know exactly where to begin. And especially with children, you won't forget to decorate; they're sure to ask you about it early on. Have fun with them! - 29857

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