How To Remove A Clog From A Plumbing Vent ?

By Scott Rodgers

The problems with the drainage function of the kitchen sinks or the bathroom sinks indicate a fault in the sink traps, drain pipe or the plumbing vents.

Once no potential problem is detected in the sink trap or the drain pipe then the attention shifts to the plumbing vents.

A vent is a plumbing component that makes way for the escape of waste gases and sewer gases produced by the said waste. Vents work in collaboration with the sink traps and the drainage system such that the waste gases don't enter into the building and are expelled properly.

Vents are commonly installed on the roofs with a metal/plastic pipe of about 1 or 2 feet rising above the roof surface. They have a diameter of about 3-4 inches and are visible from a distance even.

Start off the campaign by reaching out to the roof with the help of an extension ladder keeping all the necessary precautions in tact. Make sure that the roof is not a wet/saturated one as it could collapse or get damaged during the cleaning out operation of the debris from the vent. An opinion from an expert can be availed on the issue at this point as he may suggest certain logical techniques to reach out to the vent.

Take the help of a ladder and extend it to the top of the roof. Make sure that the ladder is inclined well to the roof. Use a roof ladder to place it between the ridge and the access ladder's dead end. This would allow you to work safely and also would eliminate any possibility of a roof damage.

Look into the vent with the help of a torch to explore any hidden clog down the vent. The clog would generally be in the form of leaves, debris, dust particles and other foreign materials. If the clog lies at a shallow depth then remove it with the help of bare hands only. If it is a moderate one then a long bamboo stick or a metal rod would do the job. If however the clog still looks unreachable then a hose-pipe may come to the rescue. Force down water from the pipe to unblock the vent.

If that doesn't work either then the hose pipe can be inserted into the vent easing the path for the water flow. - 29857

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