The Best Size For Your Paper Lanterns

By Cody Scholberg

If you're looking to create a place in your house that has a calm atmosphere, then perhaps you should add several paper lanterns, going for Asian style decorations. Not only do they look elegant, but they are also perfect for any room. Keep in mind that you have to choose an adequate size for your paper lantern, also bearing in mind its location. By analyzing the place where you are going to put it, you will be able to choose a paper lantern that is actually suitable. Two recommended shapes are rectangular and circular, offering lighting that is not too bright for your taste; also, you may want to avoid crowding, making sure that the paper lantern is situated in a spacious location.

Parties are suitable occasions for using paper lanterns, especially if you decide to make them by yourself. Take a piece of paper - you choose the size - and some Christmas lights you have around the house. Make the paper into cubes, and then attach each small cube to a light. Imagine your friends' faces when they see your custom-made paper lanterns. There are no party decorations more interesting than custom paper lanterns, as they are cheap and fun to make.

Paper lanterns can completely change the appearance of any living space or outdoor garden, 'forcing' you to resort to your own creativity. Look at the things that can be changed and consider how paper lanterns could fit into the picture. For those who believe that they are not up for the project, talking with a professional designer seems to be the logical choice.

You will surely have a place that goes beyond anything you've imagined, as paper lanterns are such an interesting addition.

You have to choose an appropriate size for your paper lantern, and this is not the easiest thing to do. Think! Think about how the paper lanterns will make the area beautiful, choosing shapes that fit in with the decor of the room and going for matching colour combinations, and don't forget to select the size of your paper lantern.

Who would have thought that choosing paper lantern sizes could lead to such a wonderful experience? - 29857

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