Indoor Flowering Plants ? Three Great Reasons Why They Are A Gift For Any Occasion

By John Jay Amarant

Loads of nice-looking plants can be kept inside the whole year. So what is the rationale for us purchasing so many cut flowers?The rose is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers in the world and yet we cut them down by the millions, particularly about Valentines day. Numerous shops nowadays offer a large assortment of tiny roses which can be kept inside the entire year and will even bloom a couple of times a year.There is always the orchid.

These have countless varieties and occasionally they can be problematic to keep, but various are easier to look after and these are simply obtained.Usually they will need little water and a lot of not direct sunlight.So with some of the most wonderful flowers available to keep at home why are we not actually utilizing them? Below are three reasons why indoor flowering plants make a better present than a bouquet of flowers.

Beneath there are 3 good points why indoor flowering plants will make a longer lasting and better gift than a bouquet of flowers.

1.This is a present that will be about a lot longer - Even though we do not want to give unneccesary clutter to our acquaintances, a flowering house plant will brighten up a window or a table for far longer than a bouquet of flowers.

2. When you give a bunch of flowers they are usually wrapped in paper and plastic, thus creating more environmental trash. Even if the plant dies, the pot can be used again and again.

3.Educating the next generation? we are constantly trying to teach our children to respect the earth they live in, isn?t showing how simple it is to grow house plants a great instance of the rewards of care and attention to detail?

As a final point, it is a great habit for children to begin. As soon as I knew that we were going to move last time, my four year old planted some seeds, which had sprouted by the time we left, to give away to his friends as a going away gift. Far more pleasing than giving another plastic toy. - 29857

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