How To Fertilize Bonsai Trees

By Debra Drewei

Bonsai trees, similar to every other living things, require food for survival. Unlike the roots of normal trees that grow for long distances seeking nutrition, the roots of bonsai trees are limited to grow inside the tray and so theyll be able to obtain only whatever nutrition is available in the soil within the pot. Therefore, the soil inside the container requires to be often re-furnished with the right quantity of nutrients.

The practice of adding nutrients to the soil where plants grow is termed Fertilizing ... it is an essential segment of bonsai tree care. The nutrients available in the fertilizer will help the bonsai tree to prepare its own food by a method termed Photosynthesis. The amount and kind of fertilizer to be endow for bonsai tree care is largely based on conditions like: - Variety of bonsai tree - Maturity level of the bonsai tree - Time of the year in which the bonsai is fertilized

The basic nutrients in fertilizers are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, mixed in different proportions for various fertilizers. You should apply fertilizer throughout the development period of the tree; starting early spring until mid autumn. Indoor trees however can be fertilized around the year. It is recommended to apply more amount of fertilizer regularly (like once in two weeks) for young trees, ... keep reducing the amount as well as frequency as the tree matures.

So as to furnish correct bonsai tree care, by no means over-fertilize. Surplus fertilizer causes burning of roots ... leaves. Burned roots are not competent enough for drawing water from the soil ... passing it on to the other segments of the bonsai tree. In case of over-fertilizing, continue watering the plant till the water pours out of the drain hole ... allow it to deplete. Then re-water it. This practice is called leaching ... will help to remove surplus fertilizers.

Things to remember: - Always water the bonsai tree before mixing the fertilizer. - Endeavor to make use of a water soluble fertilizer. - By no means fertilize an ill plant until it has recovered. - Although if its a growth season, dont provide fertilizer to a dormant outdoor bonsai till it shows symptoms of growth. If it is indoors, you can provide fertilizer less often, like once in a month.

With the right kind of bonsai tree care, by offering the ample amount of fertilizer at the correct time, you will be able to develop and uphold a healthy bonsai tree. - 29857

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