Brackets, Stands, and Cabinets for LCD Televisions and Plasma TVs

By Mike Lamb

There has been quite an insurgence in the popularity of LCD and plasma TVs. Many people have been left with the dilemma of how to display their new LCD or plasma television. Since LCD and plasma TVs have gotten so popular, manufacturers have made several types of display items that help your new TV look great and stay protected.

If you have an LCD or plasma TV, you should consider purchasing TV wall mounting brackets to display your television on. TV wall mounting brackets come in different styles, price ranges, and difficulty levels of installation. The three main types of wall mounting brackets are low-profile wall mounting brackets, tilting wall mounting brackets, and full-motion wall mounting brackets.

If you are on a limited budget, and you're happy with a permanent mounting for your TV, then low-profile wall mounting brackets may be the right type of TV wall mounting brackets for you. They are considered to be fairly simple to install. If you can hang a picture on a wall, then you're on your way to being able to install low-profile brackets.

Tilting wall mount brackets are like low-profile TV wall mount brackets except for the fact that tilting wall mount brackets are adjustable in a side to side motion to make them easy to view from different positions. These brackets are in the moderately priced range. The difficulty of putting tilting wall mount brackets on the wall is comparable to the difficulty level of the full-motion wall mount brackets.

The full-motion wall mount brackets are in the higher price range when it comes to TV wall mounting brackets. They are convenient because they swivel in a full circular range. This makes it possible to adjust the TV and view it from any position. When installing full-motion wall mount brackets, you may need some help due to the high level of difficulty involved in installing these types of TV wall brackets.

There are TV stands that are made especially for LCD and plasma TVs. Some have mounting bars on the back of them, and some are made to fit a flat panel TV on them securely. You can find these stands in different materials. The mounted types of stands are usually made of metal. You can find a TV stand made partly of metal, and partly of wood. There's even a stylish looking TV stand made of glass and metal.

You may enjoy watching your LCD or plasma TV, but you don't like the distraction they cause in your style scheme of your living area. If this is an issue for you, you may want to consider getting a TV cabinet for your television. A TV cabinet would close your TV into it and hide it when you aren't in need of it. Then you can open it up to enjoy a night of TV when you're ready to. This will help to take the focus off of your television.

With all the different items available today to put your plasma or LCD television on, you can make your new TV blend seamlessly into your living area without allowing it to become a chunky eyesore. - 29857

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