Custom Closet Designs in Miami FL: Built With The Best Raw Material

By Chris Ayanbadejo

If you have a closet that is completely unusable because of the amount of junk in it, it is time to consider some closet solutions to give you your closet back. A complete closet reorganization is a monumental task if it is not something that you want to do.

The first thing you need to do is to pull everything out of the closet. Organize your belongings into several categories. Things you use, things you can give to a charity or throw in the garbage and things you can give to friends or family.

Don't underestimate how much space you require for hanging clothes, and don't plan too much area for long hanging. With today's fashions most people don't need more than 12 to 24 horizontal inches of long hanging space.

Next, you need to hang the longest items that you have, such as dresses and long coats, far back to one side. If you have a little money to put into your closet organization, high-quality wooden hangers can make a huge difference. They keep everything hanging correctly and they also space out your items so that they don't get crammed and wrinkled.

Use the corners for hanging space not shelves. Corner shelves are usually too deep and folded clothes get lost. However, corners work well for hanging clothes where occasional use items can be moved to the back. Leave ample vertical space between shelves for folded clothes. The minimum height is 8 inches, the maximum is' inches and the optimum height 12 inches. Too little height creates deep dark spaces and too much height wastes space and stacked clothes fall over.

Leave a little space at the bottom of the closet for your shoes. Shoe racks can keep shoes organized and prevent you from creating a shoe mountain at the bottom of your closet. You can purchase cedar chips or just place a container of baking soda open somewhere near your shoes to control odor and keep your clothes from smelling like your shoes.

If you have many small items, try to store them out of site. Small items can give the appearance of a cluttered closet. This is when a storage bin or box is a good closet solution. A good closet re-organization is more than just re-arranging your belongings. Creating a closet space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye is the aim of total closet re-organization.

Many closet solutions meet your needs and wants. Search the internet for the latest styles and trends in closet design. You will find many tips and tricks along the way. The main idea is to re-organize your life not just your closet. Get rid of the excess baggage you collect both literally and figuratively. - 29857

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