Home Improvement for Winter

By Julia B Larkin

Every year it is important to make sure you are ready for the winter come. When the signs of winter come along, there are a few "must do's" to make sure your home and yard are ready. The following are some suggestions of things you should remember to do before your winter comes up to bite you.

If you are using a swamp cooler or and air conditioner, make sure to cover up your unit for the winter time. There are damages that can occur if not waterproofed correctly. Some of the common problems with not water proofing your units are rust and most importantly is moisture entering your electrical box of the AC unit. By keeping the rust out, turning your unit on for the summer time is a breeze.

Although chores aren't that fun, one important chore around the home is cleaning up all of those leaves that are covering your lawn. This is not only done to make sure your house looks nice, but it also allows moisture and sunlight to be able to penetrate you grass making sure that your lawn comes back thicker and greener next spring.

The usual method cleaning up leaves is with a rake but you'll probably find a quicker and easier method is using your lawn mower. Not only with your lawn mower suck up the leaves, but as the leaves go through the blade they will be mulched up so they will take up less space in your garbage can.

Every home is a bit different with ways that they need to be prepared for winter, but don't forget about your rooftop. Make sure you get on your roof and get those rain gutters cleaned out so that as the snow melts it has a clean run off path. This will prevent any unwanted flooding and save you money down the road. - 29857

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