How To Unblock A Drain Pipe With The Help Of A Plumber's Snake Tool ?

By Scott Rodgers

The frequently occurring problem of clogged drains can be diagnosed and fixed if proper measures are adopted from the very onset. Instead of making way for a plumber straightaway, you can yourself unclog the drainage pipe and the associated plumbing component by making use of some basic plumbing tools.

When it comes to the problem of clogged drains and traps, the basic plumbing tools such as plungers and augers (plumber' snake) can save the day for you. Though it is always a better idea to employ an appropriate plumber's snake prior to a plunger as the plungers normally disturb the sanitation of the toilet to a large extent.

A plumbing drain snake is a plumbing device that is used to unblock the drainage pipes, traps, vents etc. It comprises of a tightly wound metal cable that reaches out to an underlying clog in a particular pipe. One end of the cable has an arm to handle the tool well. The other end of the cable is the business end that is inserted into the affected drainage or vent to explore the clogs.

There are two types of plumber's snake that are employed in plumbing assignments, the drain snakes and the closet snakes. The drain snakes owing to their lengthy metal cable and efficiency, are the popular choice of the plumbers whereas the closet snakes (or closet augers) possess a shorter metal cable in order to locate the clogs lying at a moderate depth.

Put on the gloves and make sure that the gloves have a non-slippery grip which helps in holding the snake firmly. Kick off the campaign by inserting the corkscrew end of the tool into the affected pipe, vent or trap. Keep pushing the snake into the pipe until it stops turning any further. While the snake is pushed in, keep turning the crank in a clockwise direction to enhance the penetration of the snake tool.

Once the snake stops turning any further, pull it out and clean off the soil and foreign materials accumulated on it's head.

Insert the snake into the pipe again and keep repeating the same until the flow of water is eased in the pipe.

Make sure that the supervision of an expert is always in tact to handle the complications arising in the project. - 29857

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