Decorating to Transition When Getting Ready for a Baby

By Byron Jonas

Getting ready for a baby involves many emotions - excitement, anxiety, fear, impatience. Preparation is both thrilling and overwhelming, including countless visits to the doctor's office and the shopping mall.

And though the wait can feel long, it is also quite necessary. There are tons of decisions to be made about a wide array of questions, ranging from names to doctors to godparents.

Decorating a baby's room can be one of the most fun parts of preparation. Baby furniture and accessories get new parents thinking and planning for a new little boy or girl. While buying is fun, it does require some thought.

When it comes to decoration themes, the options are endless. Some parents choose to go with simple color schemes, choosing pink or blue furniture, bedding, etc. (if the sex of the baby is already known) or painting and decorating with neutral colors like yellows, purples and greens. Other parents go all out when it comes to themes. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, trains, airplanes, princesses, fairy tales - the sky really is the limit.

The decision of what and how to decorate is, of course, the final decision of parents. That said, it is not a bad idea to keep in mind the future of such furniture and decoration. Babies grow up and out of themes and furniture, and wise parents will want to try to make their investments transition along with their children.

To be more specific, an example. A gliding chair is great for breastfeeding moms. It is also great to have even after babies are grown and walking around. If that gliding chair, however, has been decorated with stickers impossible to completely peel off, it won't be able to make it to that second stage.

Hence why it is important to decorate and purchase furniture keeping possible future use in mind.

Cradles and cribs, of course, will not be of use once a baby has grown (unless, of course, one has other babies). Other pieces of furniture like dressers and chairs can be preserved. It is important to try to invest in furniture that can be reused with little effort. This saves money and time later on.

Decorating can be a bit more complicated than furnishing. That said, neutral paint colors and fabrics can be used for other purposes besides babies. Moreover, parents may soon find their children growing out of their baby-themed rooms, and it may be best to be prepared that moment before it arrives.

Decorating and furnishing a baby's room is one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare for a new little boy or girl. It is important for expectant parents to be prudent in their purchases, however, in order to save themselves a headache later on. - 29857

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