Garden Walling Offers Privacy And Security

By Matthew Kerridge

Garden walling serves a number of purposes. Perhaps the most common is a desire for privacy. If you live in an area where the houses are positioned close to one another, you will surely feel exposed. It's great to have a good relationship with your neighbor, but a garden wall will give you the feeling that you've got some distance between you.

Garden walls can be constructed from many materials. You can decide how big or small you would like your garden wall to be. Choose a wall that will also add a decorative element to your garden. You don't want to choose something that's going to make your home look like Alcatraz!

Garden walls made with rocks are practical and eye-catching. You can use scavenged rocks that can be bought very cheaply. A rock wall will bring a natural tone to your garden. Building a rock wall is quite easy, so you may want to do it yourself. Just remember that the big rocks should be laid at the base of the wall.

Rock walls will stand firm for many years. Not even the most severe weather will affect them adversely. There's no need to paint or seal a rock wall - this makes it absolutely maintenance free. If you doubt the strength of a rock wall, just look at some old properties and you'll see rock walls looking as good as new.

Another attractive form of garden walling is brick. A brick wall is constructed in much the same way as a rock garden wall. Brick has an advantage however in that you will have a much wider choice of decoration. If you're planning to put a brick wall right around your property, rather get a walling contractor to do the job.

There are certain regulations concerning the erection of brick walls. Your local authority will have to approve plans before giving consent. The foundations should be very solid and brick walls need to be damp-proofed. If this is not done correctly it won't be long before your wall looks ugly.

If you want garden walling to give you privacy, then the ideal choice is a prefabricated concrete wall. These are delivered in ready-made slabs which are erected easily and quickly. Because of this, this type of walling is inexpensive. And your privacy will be guaranteed.

Hedging is another form of garden walling. A sturdy boundary hedge is lovely to look at, as well as being practical. The only problem with a hedge is that you're going to have a long wait while it grows! Be certain to plant a species of hedge that is evergreen to prevent it looking sparse and drab during winter.

Once your hedge has gained some substance you will need to maintain it properly. This will increase its strength and keep it looking neat and tidy. Water the hedge regularly. A healthy, strong hedge also offers protection against criminals. You will be surprised to know how difficult it is to break through a boundary hedge.

Whatever material you choose for garden walling, you can add some beauty by planting small bushes or flowers inside your garden at the base of the wall. You can even do this outside so that people can admire your wall and your lovely home. Your new wall will provide you with peace of mind and privacy. - 29857

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