Le Creuset Tea Kettle; The Perfect Kettle For All Kitchens

By Henry Jeon

Since'91 Le Creuset has been making steel pots and pans that are covered with enamel making them very durable and effective in the kitchen. They offer all products in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. The Le Creuset tea kettle boils water quickly and effectively and has many features regular tea kettles do not have.

Le Creuset products are made strong and durable. They are offered in several different models and come in a rainbow of colors that will match any kitchen. Le Creuset products are long wearing and efficiently heat water to boiling so that you can enjoy your tea or other hot beverages as quick as possible.

Kettles are made of long wearing stainless steel and then coated with a colored porcelain enamel. This coating provides a protective surface that will not allow the piece to rust. Some models have locking handles that make it much easier to pour and some have whistles to let you know when the water comes to a boil. All models are safe to use on any stove including an induction cook tops.

The water in a pot should not exceed the opening of the spout. If it does there is the chance that the kettle can be damaged as can the person using it from burns resulting in hot water escaping. None of the models should never be continuously heated until there is no more water in them. This is one of the most damaging things that can be done to the pot. Instructions say that the water left in the pot need to be emptied every time you use the kettle. This is so mineral deposits from tap water will not collect in the kettle causing efficiency to suffer. Try not to drop the kettle on a hard floor because the enamel may be chipped. It is advisable to hand wash with a mild dish washing soap. Any abrasive cleaner can scratch the kettle. Stains should be cleaned with a nylon mesh scrubbers.

Le Creuset products are available in all different fun colors and they run anywhere from $65 to $100. This may seem like a hefty price but they are not only stylish but they will last for years with the correct care.

A whistle will alert you to the fact the water is boiling in the one of the more popular modles. Even though steam may be rising from the whistling knob it will always be cool and never burn your fingers to raise it. The ergonomic handle allows anyone to pour easily and the kettle has a spout that will not drip preventing splattering of hot water. The colors are endless and it will hold about 2 quarts of water.

The model called Zen is just a bit smaller. It also has the spout that will not drip and the knob and whistle that will not burn if you touch it. It comes in different colors as well. The enamel finish will resist any odor retention or stains. This one can be washed in a dishwasher. It also has a very wide opening so that it is easy to clean. The lockable, 2 position handle is a great feature and allows even those with arthritis to be able to pour with ease.

It is important to wash the kettle before using it the first time. Le Creuset tea kettles should be effective and beautiful for many years to come if they are maintained with the right care. They will always look perfect and colorful from the day you purchased it. - 29857

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