Electrician's Safeguard

By Scott Rodgers

Electricity in a home is a basic requirement, so is it's maintenance. For this purpose we need a electrician. Now for our safeguard we should call a electrician who has good knowledge in the field. The selection of electrician should be done very cautiously.

The main heart of connection is wire. Hence, using wire of appropriate diameter is must to assure proper flow of current. If the electrician uses a small diameter wire and flow of current is high, the wire will not be able to bear the load. It could result in sparks or fire. So care must be taken by electrician in choosing the wire size according to the amount of current flow.

Electric switches often gets loose by continuous use and starts sparking. Periodic checks and maintenance of it is very important to avoid all the inept consequences.

During cables fixing, the wires should be properly checked against any rip. The cable should be sealed in a thick tube or anything like that to protect it from external cuts or damage.

The master point for all wires from where all the defects are checked, and this region is very sensitive so extra care is required for protecting it. Total load that this point can handle is limited and depend on some criteria. So electricians should take care not to go beyond that limit to avoid its adverse effects.

While making connections, electricians need to take care of wiring the most. They should use wires of appropriate length. The length should be such that it solves our purpose completely. Using short wires may cause a hazard.

Best way to protect the connection is to make underground connections. This is the safest form of wiring, away from all the side effects. But the wire should be examined very precisely as re- installation or repairing of wires in this case would be very costly. Moreover, this kind of connections can not be checked again and again.

All electricians are supposed to have a basic knowledge of safeguards mentioned above. We should examine the electrician to have at least the basic knowledge to assure the security of work done by him. - 29857

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