Multi- Layered Tiles- A Great Invention

By Scott Rodgers

Roof covering is the most essential part of home improvement and one should smartly invest into it to get better returns. One should go for a covering that is safe environmentally as well as financially. One should choose a material that doesn't harm to people working at sites and to the by- passers as well.

Steel core is a component that is most primarily used. Many other materials are then overlaid so as to make the tile more strong and durable. Firstly, a coating of galvanized zinc aluminum is applied over the steel core which is then topped by a chromite conversion layer and then a layer of epoxy is placed on it. Next, an acrylic layer is used to cover the topmost film whereas the polyester is overspread on the undermost film.

This new invention provides an ample amount of advantages for every user. Most importantly, these materials are environmentally safe and do not hinder the beauty of nature. These tiles use recycled steel for its fabrication thus, conserving the man made resources.

Being light in weight adds to the beauty of these tiles. Clay or concrete tiles are at least ten times more bulky as compared to this newer invention. In addition to this, these tiles are made to bear the odd weather conditions. This signifies the strength of the tiles.

This newly invented tile can be very easily installed as it is completely dry fixed. Additionally, they don't use cement to fix the tiles to the roof.

Cement tiles are cut by an angle grinder that releases dust into the environment which in turn is inhaled by people indulged in the work, thereby causing many health hazards. In contrast to these traditional tiles, multi- layered tiles use reciprocating saws and tin snips thus, preventing health problems.

It is often thought that if a material is light in weight, it doesn't posses durability and cannot withstand the extreme climatic situations. But multi- layered tile is an exception as it posses both durability and strength. Also, builders use dry fixing technique for its fabrication.

Multi- layered tiles being so advantageous have become a trend among the residents and the builders. People living in coastal regions generally prefer these tiles because of their durability. - 29857

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