Make Your Own Wind Turbine

By Donald Anthony

Every year the cost of energy increases dramatically. Most of us are surprised by our electricity bills when compared to just a few years ago. A lot of homeowners are looking for methods to reduce their energy costs. There are two ways to do this. You can either reduce the amount of energy that you consume or you can find a way to create a proportion of your energy needs through alternative sources. Many people now use wind turbines as these give free energy. It is not too difficult to make your own wind turbine.

By installing a wind turbine you will be helping to protect the environment for future generations as well as saving yourself money in the long run. It is often noted that wind turbines are a better source of renewable energy than solar panels and cells as they can produce power around the clock, even in a light wind. If you have a building or property in a remote location where it is not possible to be connected to the national grid then they are an ideal source of power. You can easily learn how to make your own wind turbine and harness household wind power to generate your own electricity.

The first step in making your own wind turbine is to gather the necessary materials. These are easy to source through specialist websites or even in your local hardware store. For an individual that is experienced in DIY you can easily put a wind turbine together over the course of a weekend.With a little skill and a few readily available materials, you can make your own wind turbine and start saving money on your electric bill before you know it.

The necessary parts will include a motor, a mounting, a tower, and blades. Depending upon your energy requirements a turbine can vary in size. Most people will use a 30 volt motor. If you understand aerodynamics you can make the blades from an old PVC pipe otherwise you will have to buy specialised blades. The tower can often be built from a strong piece of metal pipe that needs to be securely fastened.

It is also essential to have a controller that regulates the supply of energy to the batteries that will store the electricity. Otherwise you can easily damage the batteries. Since it is so simple and relatively inexpensive, ore and more homeowners are learning how to make their own wind turbine. It will help you to save money, reduce pollution and gain independence from the electric grid.

Whenever working with electricity you need to ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times. Any electrical device needs to be protected from water. - 29857

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