Should You Build a Wind Power System?

By Don Olivia

Wind power is becoming a very popular source of renewable, environmentally friendly energy. Many industrialized countries are starting to incorporate wind turbine technologies into their energy and electricity generation strategies. The good news is that you too can use the wind for your home energy needs and produce your own electricity.

In it's simplest terms, wind power is captured by a wind turbine which then turns that energy into electricity. The same windmills which for centuries have ground wheat, are now being used to make electricity. Thanks to advances in technology, wind power can be used by industry as well as the average homeowner to generate electricity. Many people and businesses are beginning to see the real advantage to this kind of energy. It is free, readily available, doesn't pollute, and completely renewable. If you look, you will see more small household wind turbines popping up in your neighbors backyards and on the roofs of local businesses.

If you are considering installing your own turbine you should know that if you choose to buy one it can cost upwards of $600, and in many cases, even as much as $12,000. At this price it could take years to realize a return on your investment. However, you can easily build your own household wind turbine in just a few days for far less, and still realize the same level of savings.

More and more homeowners have decided to build a wind turbine. It is far easier than you might have imagined. The supplies you need to build a wind turbine can be found in any hardware store and will cost about $200, and the whole building process won't take more than a few days. A good instruction manual with easy to follow directions will guide you every step of the way.

Since one turbine can be enough to generate almost 60% of the electricity you'll need for your home, you can start to realize significant savings. Every day your wind turbine is working means another day of savings.

So if you've been thinking about ways to cut your utility bill and are intrigued by the idea of using energy windmills to harness wind energy and save some money, you are not alone. Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save. - 29857

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