Proper Roof Maintenance For Your Home

By Elijah Jonah

A roof system has many different elements that have the potential to leak. Skylights and chimneys are the worst for allowing water to enter your home. Other penetrations that exit your roof structure will also be an opportunity for a leak to begin. If you have a handy man who can re-caulk all penetrations each year, this would prevent most roof leaks.

Power ventilators and horizontal ridge ventilation play an important role in keeping your attic cool and dry. With the heat of the Summer and the cold of Winter the metal vents have a tendency to expand and contract. This causes the metal to become porous over a period of time. A good caulking each year will help to eliminate most roof vent leaks.

Your plumbing pipes will exit your roof structure and will have to have a polyurethane cover installed onto each pipe. About every 10 years you will need to replace these covers to decrease the possibility of your roof leaking. NP-1 Sealant will extend the life of these covers if used upon initial installation of your new roof system. Some homeowners elect to use lead boots, but squirrels have a tendency to chew the edges.

Chimneys are made from many different materials which is a major concern for the homeowner. Brick chimneys will need annual caulking of the flashing as well as waterproofing of the brick. Siding and wood chimneys will need caulking and painting every 3 years to prevent wood rot. Stucco chimneys will require a new coat of concrete every 6 to 7 years depending on the thickness of the mortar.

Debris in your valleys can cause severe roof leaks and cost you thousands in damages. A roof should be cleaned from leaves and limbs at least twice a year. A roof inspection of your valleys is in order as well. The valleys receive most of the water when it is raining and it is important to re-seal each seam each and every year.

Glass and roofs do not mix, but we still have many customers requesting we install skylights. It is important to install and maintain the unit year in and year out. The seals at the roof line and glass gaskets are most important. As a homeowner, you may want to have a roofing contractor inspect and re-seal all penetrations on your roof system each year. - 29857

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