Hydroponic Gardening - A Highly Fruitful Way To Grow Plants

By Victoria Covey

The process of gardening with hydroponics has become very common these days. This is a procedure of gardening without soil. The concept is not new- The Floating Gardens of China and The hanging Gardens of Babylon are very good example of hydroponic gardening that are proudly standing since ages.

The word hydroponics has been derived from two Greek words. Hydro, which means water and ponics, which means labor.In some countries like Germany, Holland and Australia, hydroponics is also used to grow crops.

There are varied benefits of hydroponic gardening over the normal gardening on soil. If two similar plants are provided in similar conditions to grow but one is under normal soil gardening method and the other is hydroponic gardening method, it is seen that the plant with hydroponic gardening grows 30-50 percent quicker and effectively that the normal soil process.

There are various factors for different growth rate of normal soil gardening method and hydroponic gardening method. The root of the plant under hydroponic gardening method develops immensely as in this process maximum oxygen is used and due to that the plant gets essential nutrients very quick. The nutrients are directly sent to the root of the plant after mixing with water and this process is done quite a few times in a day.

Plant grown on hydroponic nutrients needs very few amount of energy and it can easily suck the required nutrients. Thus, the plant is also able to store the energy and utilize it in future for faster production and growth of fruit. Plants grown with hydroponic nutrients are also safe from the diseases, fungus and bug infestations.

Apart from that; hydroponic gardening also contributes towards environment. Compared to the plants grown on soil; water needed for the plants under hydroponic gardening process is much less. This happens because of constant recycle of nutrients. Regular use of harmful pesticides is also not needed with hydroponic gardening. As topsoil is not used in hydroponic gardening, there is no possibility of topsoil erosion. In this way, hydroponic gardening offers us numerous environmental profits too.

The growing medium of hydroponic gardening characteristic a proper airing system so that water and needed nutrients can be supplied to the roots of the plant directly and easily. There are various kinds of growing mediums. Mainly Hydroton and expanded shale mediums are used for growing hydroponic plants, whether it is a flow type or ebb system.

Hydroton is comprehensive clay assemblage that is light in weight.This growing medium is light and airy and hence it allows abundance of oxygen to go through the root system of the plant.Both Hydroton and shale can be reused but the tendency of shale to break down might not be as strong as the Hydroton.Moreover, these grow rocks are very stable and does not effect the pH balance. - 29857

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