The Herb Garden Plants' 3 Important Tips

By Jack Grant

Herb garden plants come in annuals, perennials, and biennials like other types of plants. There are so many different types of herbs and each one is different. If you are interested in a specific type of herb garden plants, you should research that one to understand the care it needs and how to use it properly. This article will get you started in understanding general different types of herb garden plants and what they are used for.

Basil, cilantro, and summer savory which are known to be annuals will not survive a frost. They have to be planted from a seed or from a small plant every year. On the other hand, sage and winter savory which are known to be perennials survive in cold temperatures and comes back every after a year. Herb garden plants which are biennial form leaves in their first growing season and flowers and seed in the second season, then die. Some examples of biennial herb plants are parsley, angelica, and caraway. These should sown in late spring directly into the garden. The preparation of soil is important. It should be worked into a fine texture and should be slightly wet. Seeds should be planted in shallow rows then firm the soil on top of them. You can plant fine seeds in a mixture of sand which will allow the seeds to spread more evenly. Covering the bed with wet burlap or paper is possible in order to keep the soil moist during germination.

Herb garden plants are categorized according to their uses. Culinary herbs are considered the most useful to herb gardeners. They are mainly use in cooking variety of foods. They add flavors to different kinds of food because of their strong taste. Some examples of these are chives, thyme, basil, sage, savory, and marjoram. Parsley is the most commonly used garnish. Aromatic herbs are those extracted to get their oils and are used in different perfumes, toilet water, and other various scents because they pleasant smell. Some of them are loyage, mint, and rosemary. Aside from that, some of the parts of the aromatic herb can also be used to scent different linens and clothing in the house. Others are dried to make potpourri which retains its scent for a long period of time. Lavender and lemon verbenas are the most commonly used in making potpourri. There are also herbs used in medical purposes for it is believed long time ago that they have the ability to cure the body. Even if the use of herb plants is now accepted in the field of medicine, we should still be cautious with their proper use because of them maybe poisonous when eaten.

Herbs are also used as decorations to add beauty in the house. The most commonly used flowers are valerian for their crimson light colored flowers and borage and chicory for their elegant blue flowers.

It is true that herb plants have lots of categories but there are still some plants which can be used in multiple purposes. One is the mint which can be used for cooking, tea, and pest control. After reading the whole article, I hoped this helped you choose the proper herb plant suited for you. - 29857

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