Patio Furniture - How To Make Them Last

By Abbey Garcia

Nothing lasts a lifetime and this holds true to patio furniture. The best that a homeowner can do is to find a set that is guaranteed to last for a long time at least, but that is it. Other than the expected lifespan of the furniture, it is also important that you do your part in maintaining your outdoor furniture set. Since patio furniture is not something you can easily replace everyday, how can you make your patio pieces last longer?

The right material is crucial in making a patio furniture last. Before you even buy chairs and tables, make sure first that you are shopping in the right section. Furniture pieces that are specifically made for the outdoors are made with durability in mind. Hence, these are the ones that you should consider for your outdoor space. Any other piece that is meant for indoor use may get damaged outdoors in as little as a few months.

Some materials are made to last longer and are more durable and resistant to damage than others. Others however have to be specially treated, painted or coated to make them durable enough for outdoor use. The set that you are considering might just need this special kind of attention. Iron for example has to be painted to protect it from rust. You should therefore pay special attention to manufacturer instructions when it comes to schedules for applying succeeding treatments to your set.

Damage can often come from the sun and rain. Wind and animals can also be secondary sources of damage. To prevent these natural elements from wreaking havoc on your patio set, consider using outdoor covers. Merchants now typically sell furniture covers that fit certain types and sizes of furniture perfectly. You have to measure your set correctly first to get the best fit.

In some homes, their patio can partially cover the furniture. Even a partially screened patio however can leave your furniture at the mercy of the cold during winter. The best way to prevent damage to your set during the cold season is to keep your set indoors. The extra space in your garage may be more than enough to keep your furniture dry and secure. Some brand models are optionally foldable so storage will not be much of a problem.

In order to prolong the life of your furniture, clean it. Fortunately, you do not have to clean outdoor sets frequently. Iron, plastic and wood pieces can undergo general cleaning twice a year. All you need would be water, mild soap, a sponge and a hose. Wicker may require more frequent cleaning or at least dusting.

General and regular cleaning is one thing and washing off spills and stains are another. Although these are unlikely to damage your furniture, they can set in and become difficult to clean. If you want to have an outdoor set that can look fabulous for years, you have to immediately wipe out spills.

Patio furniture is generally made to endure. Some sets actually last for very long with little effort on the owners part. Even the most expensive pieces however need some kind of maintenance care. Make sure you do your part to keep your outdoor set looking great. - 29857

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