The Simple Renters Insurance Policy

By Dave Trusty

Whether you live on the top of the sky overlooking the park or in a home rented from a friend you need to have your own renters insurance policy. Renters insurance is the only way that you get to make sure that your financial situation is covered should the worst disasters strike.

Renters insurance is necessary to cover the basics of your lost, stolen, or damaged items should the rented property experience a significant situation. Fires, hurricanes, and theft can plague a renter if he or she is not covered. With the expense of personal items that are found within your home, not having a renters insurance policy is gambling with your future.

Renters insurance does not cover flood waters, and you need to buy a government backed flood insurance policy if there is a risk of flooding in your area. You can not expect to file under your landlord's policies, even in the event of a flood. This is important to understand, as the value of your personal property can exceed tens of thousands of dollars and you may very well find that the financial burden of replacing it all to be extreme.

Personal property is an investment, whether it feels that way or not. Everything you have in your place you purchased or received as a gift, and thus it is an investment. In order to keep your investment protected, you need a simple renters insurance policy. This way if anything happens you do not have to worry about spending too much to retrieve the finances to replace the items lost.

Your policy should cover everything from your electronics to your clothing to your pets. If it is in your home, it should be a claimable expense. This way, if anything happens you know that everything you spent getting your home in shape can be purchased again. While you can't replace your dog, you can at least receive the purchase price of a purebred as part of your coverage.

If you work, even part time, out of your home it is even more imperative that you carry renters insurance. Not doing so could easily mean that you will lose more than just possessions if something happens.

If you create any type of income from your home, it is absolutely imperative that you carry an adequate insurance policy. You would need the immediate replacement of the equipment and space you need in order to earn that income. The risks of refusing to carry a policy are great and unnecessary, especially considering that many policies run less than $30 per month. - 29857

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