Naturally Clean A Koi Pond

By Trey Casselman

One of the most popular and beautiful additions to a front or back yard is a koi pond. It can add life and health to any landscaping and requires little maintenance. A clean pond is a sure sign of health and vitality. Many products on the market offer an alternative to the chemicals used in the past. One such line of products comes from Bioverse and they offer the option of a clean koi pond, while using nature's ingredients.

Sometimes it takes human intervention to keep a pond healthy, especially if it is stocked with koi. For many years, the only option for consumers was chemicals that could, most of which were not eco-friendly. Today, there are products, such as Bioverse's all-natural pond cleaners that clean and add nutrients that are essential to the residents of the pond.

Here are a few things to think about when looking for a natural cleaner.

1. Does the product claim the ingredients are biodegradable? This is very important when choosing a natural cleaner that doesn't introduce chemicals into the environment.

2. Is it safe? The cleaner used should not only be safe for wildlife and fish, it should also be safe for children. Some companies even produce special dispensers that will dissolve over time, leaving no waste or chemicals in the water.

3. Make sure it is effective. Do a little research to investigate the cleaning companies that may be in question. Don't be afraid to call and get more information if not completely satisfied.

Having a beautiful, clean koi pond will brighten any back yard. Using a natural cleaner such as Bioverse produces can help maintain the pond and keep the fish and its surroundings healthy. - 29857

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