Ways To Fix A Noisy Ceiling Fan

By Scott Rodgers

Sometimes your ceiling fan starts giving you sleepless nights due to a constant irritating noise coming out of it's machinery.

You can yourself carry out the repair work as fixing a noisy fan involves certain minor adjustments in different fragments of the fan. Examining each part of the ceiling fan well and repairing it accordingly doesn't require an expertise.

Take a simple test by keeping the fan turned off for more than 24 hours. After that turn it on to notice if the fan still persists with the irritating sound. If yes then approach next headway. Beforehand make sure that the installation process of the ceiling fan strictly adhered to the prescribed instructions. If there is some deviation from the way a ceiling fan is supposed to be installed then correct it immediately.

If the installation seems stable enough then check for loosened screws in the fan blades. Tighten them immediately with an appropriate screwdriver and oil them as well. Test the fan at it's highest setting and see if the noise continues.

Start working on the proper balancing of the ceiling fan blades as wobbling blades most often are the root causes of the emergence of unnecessary sounds. Since the imbalanced blades don't cut through the air properly, they give rise to noise. A re-balancing kit specially available for balancing the ceiling fan blades has to be employed in the mending work. Attach the weight or penny from the kit to either of the fan blades and turn on the fan to check for any noise. Keep repeating the test with the subsequent blades until the noise disappears. Also keep altering the position of the weight on the blades accordingly.

Alter the angle of the faulty blade to synchronize it with that of the other blades. Once modified, check the fan for noise again. If noise still continues then check the height between the blade tip and the ceiling and make sure that all blades hang at the same height from the ceiling.

Check the canopy of the fan for accumulation of debris as well.

If all the attempts to dissipate the noise from the ceiling fan are going in vain then call an electrician to handle the situation as the problem may lie with the internal motor and the associated copper binding. - 29857

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