Choose The Right Material For Your Roof

By Scott Rodgers

Roofing materials come and go but thatch roof remains the priority among homeowners. Materials like tiles, composition shingles never replace the elegance and importance of thatch roof. Such rooftops are in the world since very old time and are still used in many areas.

You must be wondering that what does a thatched roof mean. It is simply a roof style that is made up of dry vegetation, straw, sedge, rushes and likewise. All the material is layered in a way to prevent water getting into the inner side of the roof.

People who want rustic look for their homes generally prefer this roofing style. Besides, regions having temperate and tropical climate more commonly use thatched roofs. Although, it is a very old roofing method yet, adds a lot of elegance to the homes.

Thus, thatch roof involve less cost as compared to the other roofing materials. On the contrary, thatch roofs involve a lot of labor and hard work. This generally increases the overall cost of the roofing technique.

The thing that mainly disturb the homeowners is its frequent maintenance. But, one should feel glad to know that these are undoubtedly the long lasting stuff and require no exclusive subsistence. The homeowners need to re- ridge the roof several times. Gradual erosion of the roofing material in this method cause the thickness of the thatch to decrease. One should take care of this fact.

Non- flammable is also one of the best property of the thatch roofs. They are less prone to catch fire as compared to other roofing materials. But, one should take extensive care because it is difficult to extinguish once they take the hold.

Thatch roofs keep the homes warm in cold climate and provide you a pleasant cool atmosphere even when it is too hot outside. Their water- resistant quality makes them a great choice.

Even if you are not a professional, you can make your own thatch roof. You don't need to seek the advice from the professional and it is simply a Do- It- Yourself project. - 29857

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