Supplies Needed for Your Custom Greenhouse

By Judy Stevens

Gardening is among the leading hobbies just about everywhere in the world. The popularity of gardening with the aid of home greenhouse kits has caused an explosion of greenhouse equipment and greenhouse supplies designed for the hobby gardener. What was used only in commercial or institutional greenhouses is now being used in the avid gardener's own custom greenhouses as well. Many of these supplies can be costly and it is necessary that you realize what you will need when planning a custom hobby greenhouse.

Growing your own produce, fruit and vegetables all year-round is making the basic gardener consider a hobby greenhouse for low cost sustainability. Hobby greenhouses, whether it is a kit, a lean-to or a stand alone greenhouse, are all great ways to become a part of this vast emergence due to the high costs of living and the concern for organic products and healthy choices.

Besides planning a place in your yard for your hobby greenhouse, the builder will guide your project through a professional and successful construction and installation process. Hobby, school and commercial greenhouses and greenhouse supplies are also items you will want to ask about in your planning stages.

Heating systems made with different types of materials will ensue a healthy plant life year round. Your greenhouse will need to allow room and installation of this type of system and your greenhouse builder will help in determining the best type for the area.

Misting and fog systems are common greenhouse equipment that is used in southern greenhouses and hot climates. Misting systems aid to cool greenhouses with a fine mist that depresses air temperatures when it evaporates. Greenhouse supplies for misting and fogging come in many sizes and costs and your greenhouse builder will also help you decide the proper size and will order it directly through his various sources.

Plants and flowers need to keep their controlled temperature and this is done by the gardener and vents built into the greenhouse. These are usually mechanical and allows the heat to escape through the top and the cooler air to fill the greenhouse at the specified temperature.

Many avid gardeners are using hydroponics to grow their plants. This is with the use of a series of pipes similar to that of an irrigation system but plants are planted directly into the pipes. These are usually made with plastic and uses the liquid within these pipes to feed the plants through the nutrients. The greenhouse builder can help you set up your hydroponic greenhouse, or point you to the one that can.

While a custom built greenhouse is a permanent greenhouse due to size and land restrictions, lean-to and stand alone small greenhouses are good solutions.

Lighting for greenhouses are another greenhouse supply that you may wish to also include. Greenhouse lighting artificial lights may be required if your growing area does not provide adequate light. Grow lights are great for helping plants maintain healthy growth. It can also aid the grower in sprouting and germination of the select plant of choice.

Among other supplies there are options that include plant hangers, shades, shelves, extra doors, benches, and misting wands, etc. Each of these supplies can be tailored towards the gardeners needs and wants.

Short growing seasons are extended due to the greenhouse and it's unique features in equipment and supplies. Vegetables and flowers can be harvested year round once controlled by the gardener and his greenhouse.

Small or mini-greenhouse kits can be bought in various places throughout the United States and over-seas and they are a great way to get started with your greenhouse. The greenhouse builder will know where to order these smaller kits and can help you determine if they will hold up in bad weather.

While you can get by growing your plants with a small greenhouse kit, it will take learning and some skill and the right equipment to flourish. A greenhouse does create a perfect atmosphere for your gardening needs and there is a piece of equipment somewhere to make it even better.

One last type of greenhouse structure to consider is the luxury greenhouse. These are very large solariums and greenrooms, some with many stories and swimming pools, water fountains and foliage resembling that of a vacation hideaway. Again, ask your greenhouse builder for more information on building a luxury greenhouse and planning your custom greenhouse. - 29857

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