Determining The Color Coding Of Your Internal Wiring

By Scott Rodgers

Establishing a good apprehension of your internal electrical wiring is a wise practice that can really help during the time of an emergency. The basic color coding of the internal wires and the other general concepts associated with it, must be kept in mind by the homeowner.

During the remodeling or construction of the home, the internal wiring setup must be looked in closely to gather some general idea about it's working. You can also derive some valuable suggestions and manipulations from the electrician under work.

Determine the color coding of the wires first. Generally, the lighter colors (white or gray) correspond to the neutral wire whereas the dark colors (black or red) represent the phase wires. The ground wire uses custom green or yellow color. If your home supports a three-phase wiring setup then line, line 2 and line 3 employs the black, red and blue color, respectively.

Take the other generalizations in account as well after apprehending the color coding.

Make sure that the resistance of the wire used in the framework is set to appropriate figures. A higher resistance would produce a hindrance in the path of the current while a lower resistance level can take the current to hazardous limits. The resistance limit as well as the amperage limit of a particular wire is generally inscribed on it's body of insulation.

Second thing to look out for is the conductivity of the circuit. An element such as copper would suit the needs of the wiring well as it offers considerable amount of conductivity for the current.

Make sure that all the wires are well insulated such that the possibility of deadly electrical shocks is eliminated.

One aspect that deserves a mandatory attention is the grounding of the wiring setup. Either a central grounding system would help or a self-maintained grounding setup can also be installed. Normally, the grounding or earthing measure is well covered by the electricity authority only. But in case of detached or isolated homes, a solitary grounding systems needs to be installed. - 29857

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