Concept Of A Sump Pump

By Scott Rodgers

When it comes to basic plumbing and drainage systems, householders take many of the important preventive measures. They take extensive care for installing a rain barrel and a sump pump. The sump pump is the utmost thing of any drainage system.

Sump pumps are in demand from a long time now. The water below the earth surface gets collected into the sump pit. The pump accomplishes the task of taking off the water thereby preventing the water to overflow. The complete system consists of a pump, pit and the waste pipes.

Regions or places where the level of the floor is very depressed and below, suffers from water overflow. The situation goes beyond control when the entire basement is flooded with water. These areas are generally provided with the sump pumps that remove the water from below the floor.

Earlier pumps were connected to the sanitary sewer but now have been restricted by municipal laws. Sump pumps are connected to the home electrical system and are also provided with the battery back- up mechanism. Battery back- up is provided in situations where there is prolonged power cut off. This is because, the constant water pressure may cause the pit to overflow.

There are two types of sump pump. The first one is the pedestal pump that is usually fixed over the pit. This makes it east to maintain. Another type of the pump is the submersible that is completely placed inside the pit. This mechanism prevents from short circuiting.

Sump tanks and pumps are easy to maintain but is an indispensable job. One should properly examine the equipment regularly and timely. There failure could lead to flooded basements whose repair would be very costly.

Overtime, dirt, gravel, leaves and other such build ups get accumulated in the pump. This requires timely cleaning of the pump. You can use gloves for this purpose. After that, use a garden hose to fill the pump with water to trigger the pump. If the pump gets triggered, it means you have successfully completed the task of pump cleaning. If not, your pump needs an expert.

Homeowners often drop the idea of calling in the plumber thinking about the fees he would take. Don't worry. This expense is much better than the troubles an ineffective sump pump would create. - 29857

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