Simply With Tiffany Lamps

By Danny Ricks

You can spruce up the lighting in your home by adding some beautiful Tiffany lamps. They might look like they are antique, but they actually are a very contemporary feature and new styles are easy to find. Tiffany lamps often are found in restaurants because they provide effective lighting over the tables, but they also create a pleasant atmosphere and ambiance for spending quality time with friends and family.

Tiffany lamps were first introduced to the public in 1895, by an artist Louis Tiffany, he designed this wonderful lamp one lamp at a time, there was no mass production until years later. He was best know for his creativity with stained glass windows, until his Tiffany lamps became very popular and were being bought and displayed in public places more than homes. Restaurants added Tiffany lamps over their tables with the main reason for light the shines straight down on the table. However, they also know they are a timeless addition to their business.

The beautiful and artistic design that has been around a long time will make your home bounce with color. The amount of lighting they provide is due to the colorful glass that surrounds the light bulb which is one of the reasons they are so popular. Have a lamp that lights everything but the area you have designated the lamp to work for you can be so frustrating.

Tiffany lamps furnish a great amount of light and they enhance the mood of sophistication and class in any room you put them. Whether they are chandeliers or table lamps, Tiffany lamps brighten and add to the decor of your home. They are available in numerous colors and diverse styles. You can add them to the end tables in your living room or den, or to the nightstands in your bedroom. There are so many to choose from you will not have any problem finding the perfect size to add to any room. Make sure, however, that you choose the proper height as you do not want one that is too short or too tall.

Shopping for these lamps can be a great deal of fun. You can begin at antique shops if you enjoy looking through lots of old items while you search for what you want. Often you can find them at prices similar to the prices for new lamps because their appeal is so timeless. You can also shop online for new or antique lamps. If you do, you will have more to choose from than if you were looking in any one store.

Adding Tiffany lamps or table lamps to your home's decor is a lifetime investment. Your lamps will add a dash of color and brighten any room, even if it is otherwise a bit boring. If you wish you can change a room's ambiance with the mood lighting tiffany lamps provide. Your new lighting will accent your home and impress everyone you know. - 29857

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