Make Your Home Energy-efficient Through A Green Roof

By Scott Rodgers

The green roofs are fast becoming a rage with most households nowadays. The green roofs not only ensure the healthy state of the local ecosystem but also work towards the energy-efficiency of the building or home.

Besides this, the green roofs add a natural dimension to the home setup by maintaining the serenity of the local ecosystem. They provide a soothing environment to your roof setup.

Handling the construction work of green roofs may appear daunting and complex for a novice. Hence, bring in the services of an expert roofer straightaway. His experience and expertise would help in estimating the overall cost of the project.

The first thing to be installed is a water-proof membrane that ensures water-tight fitting to the entire setting. It acts as a boundary between the roofing material and the soil bed of the green roof. Stick to the purchase of a high-quality membrane material as it decides the efficiency of the setup largely.

A properly installed and thought-out drainage system forms the next layer of the construction setup. Such system is pivotal in supplying water to the landscape garden. The waste water may also be used in the toilet flushing and cleaning.

The soil layer or any other alternate growing medium forms the topmost layer in the stack. A soil which suits well to the preferred vegetation and weather conditions is used in the void. The growing medium should be able to complement the growth of a variety of plants.

Once your home is equipped with a green roof setup then it saves a lot of energy on your home appliances. The cooling appliances such as air-conditioners, fans, coolers etc. are not required anymore as your green roof keeps the temperature of the home down. This is because it acts as an insulation cover to protect your home from the direct impact of external forces of sunlight, water and air.

Call in an expert roof to convert your home into an energy-efficient architecture through the green roofs. - 29857

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