What Makes Flowers Appealing

By Myra Webb

Long before the use of metal ornaments, women put on flowers to adorn themselves. For ages, people have used flowers with bright colours and scents to improve their attractiveness. In most historical civilizations, putting flowers in the hair or around other parts of the body was regarded as a critical aspect of self-adornment, and even males were known to do this.

There are as many types of floral fragrances in nature as there are flowers. Because of these varieties in scents, and of course the drastic differences in their colour and shape, all important flowers have been assigned to particular moods or occasions. The distinctiveness of their scents has encouraged perfume manufacturers down the ages to come up with a huge variety of products, each exclusive in its own way. However, synthetically manufactured perfumes that are developed from non-organic compounds have now flooded the market, and flowers are rarely being used in the manufacturing process.

A flower's fragrance has its attraction not just to perfume manufacturers. Flowers have always held a proud place as favoured gift items in many cultures because of their beauty and pleasant fragrances. Fragrance of flowers can rouse the spirits of an individual and completely alter the whole environment of a place. Bouquets that plant an anchor in recipients' hearts are those that perfectly blend looks and scent. Similarly for any auspicious occasion, people use flowers extensively so that the venue gives a naturally pleasant scent.

Sadly, horticulturists have always channelled all their efforts towards the development of beautiful flowers that fade gradually, with scant consideration for fragrance. Recent advancements in bio engineering have intensified this quest for long lasting floral attractiveness at the expense of scent. For instance, carnations and roses that are available today are flawless in looks and brilliant in freshness, but reckless experimentation with nature has robbed them of their delicate fragrance.

Hence, you have to be quite cautious these days to ensure that the flowers you are purchasing are scented enough. Any type of flowers or bouquets purchase for any occasion should be made in close consultation with a credible and experienced florist who has the right knowledge of flowers on his fingertips.

A good florist in Singapore with years of experience in the business can be located either through the internet or by enquiring people about it. Another way of choosing a florist is that you go with a branded flower outlet. Companies doing roaring business will never sacrifice quality or service, and so it is a good idea to approach them, particularly if you are going for a large quantity purchase. - 29857

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