Indoor Air Pollution - Why It Affects Us More Than the Air Outside

By Ruth Price

When it comes to taking in a breath inside our home, we all take it for granted that it's healthy - but the truth is that indoor air pollution means that the air inside our homes could be more polluted than the air outside of it!

Symptoms of Pollution in the Home

We are often unaware of what this pollution does to our bodies, to such an extent that many of us don't even think of it. However, pollution can have a number of negative effects on our health, leading to symptoms such as...

Fever, Headaches, Nausea, Fatigue, Cancer, Irritability, Depression, Dizziness, Anxiety, Respiratory problems, And more!

Sources of This Pollution

Our homes are now becoming more and more insulated, and we benefit by saving money on our bills when it comes time to heat them. However, the downside of this is that toxins build up, coming from a number of sources including natural ones.

Perhaps the most worrying source of toxins and chemicals in the air of our homes are chemical cleaners and products. This can include cosmetic products containing toxic chemicals, products we use to clean our homes, air fresheners and more! We just don't realise the concoction of chemicals that goes into creating these products.

How to Reduce Levels of Pollution

The good news is that we can help to reduce the indoor air pollution of homes by following green living tips and reducing the chemicals we use in everyday life.

It's also important to realise that we don't have to change everything about our life to be able to make a difference. Simply ventilating the home by opening windows for a few minutes a day will do a lot to help fresh air get in - and buying a few plants will help to keep the air fresh.


As you can see, indoor air pollution is responsible for a wide range of symptoms that we may not even see as a problem. However, if you wish to improve your overall health then all it takes is a few simple measures, and a little awareness. - 29857

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