Proper Use Of An AC Can Reduce Electricity Bills

By Scott Rodgers

The best option to get comfort in hot sunny days is to have an air conditioner at your home. But it requires a lot of electric units for working. In next paragraphs we will discuss some ways to cut down the electricity bill while using it.

First thing to keep in mind is to buy a proper size unit for the area to be cooled and intended number of persons occupying the room. A big size AC will be expensive and will consume more electricity. Hence, save money and conserve electricity by purchasing a required size unit.

Properly select the location where you are going to set up your AC. It should not be in direct contact of sun otherwise its performance will go down and it will also consume more electricity.

An AC room should be fully packed, there should not be any opening in the room. All the doors and windows should be properly sealed to maintain the efficiency of an AC. Moreover, use curtains or reflective film on window to keep the room cool by ceasing the sun rays.

Many times in extreme summers you bring the temperature of your AC to a very lower point. But you might not know that lowering the temperature by 1 degree increases the energy consumption by 2%. Hence, try to increase the temperature of your AC up to a point where it does not make much difference to cooling.

Your AC also need a regular check up. Its filter need periodic cleaning, to check the status of filter hold it in sunlight, if you are able to see across then it doesn't need any cleaning otherwise it does. You can read the user's manual to know more about AC cleaning like fans cleaning, condenser coils cleaning.

When the weather is balanced, a ceiling fan can replace an AC. These fans are very cost effective as they consume only tenth part of electricity consumed by an AC. A ceiling fan raises the air conditioner's thermostat by spreading air in every part of a room. Hence using a fan along with AC saves a lot of money for you.

By now it must be clear that AC consumes a lot of electricity. So never use it to cool a empty room when nobody is present in that room. Whenever you go out of your home, you can set the automatic timer of AC to get a cool room. Save electricity and you will get it back. - 29857

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