How UPS Is Beneficial For Us ?

By Scott Rodgers

This modern era is basically based on computer and networking. Mostly, you will find people working on computer wherever you go. If so much of work is being done on computers, it is very essential to have a device that can give little back up to your system in case of sudden power failure.

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device that can solve our purpose. A UPS battery is charged with main power supply and gives backup during power cut off. With the help of this battery you can shut down your system properly adding life to its hard disk and circuit.

In case of sudden power failure UPS helps in saving all the open applications, documents and reduces the chances of losing the unsaved data. Additionally, a UPS sets the constant electricity flow into your system saving it from undesirable power surges or spikes when main power returns.

A UPS is an intermediate between the computer and main power supply. A computer is connected to UPS which is further connected to main supply. A typical UPS contains a battery charger for lead acidic battery, DC to AC converter and a surge suppressor.

Whenever there is a power failure or power fluctuation, UPS starts its working. In case of power failure it uses its DC charge, changes it to AC and gives continuous backup of 10-15 minutes to your PC.

There are basically three types of UPS, Offline Standby, Online and Line Interactive. An Offline Standby UPS is very efficient and less expensive and it behaves like a surge suppressor until main power is broken. In this little or no line conditioning is required. Additionally, battery backup starts on electricity fluctuation.

The second type that is Online UPS sets constant electricity flow and UPS starts immediately after power breakdown, but it is expensive to buy. Third one that is Line-Interactive UPS is quite much like Standby UPS along with multi-tap variable-voltage auto transformer feature. Without using reserve battery power, it can bear nonstop voltage surges.

To find out the amount of load a UPS can bear VA (Voltage*Amp) is used. It can not bear a load beyond 60% of stated VA. UPS is useful during power failures, voltage drop, voltage spike, line noise, frequency deviation, harmonic distortion etc. - 29857

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