How Does A Roof Skylight Ensure Energy-Efficiency ?

By Scott Rodgers

The beautification schema of your home can be enhanced with the introduction of a number of roofing components. The elements such as flashing, paint, skylight etc. can take the attraction of your roof setup to the next level.

One of them is a roof skylight. A roof skylight is a frame or panel that allows the sunlight to enter into the spaces of the home. The skylights add a new dimension to the appeal of your home. Moreover, these roofing components are energy-efficient which saves you a lot of money.

Instead of availing the services of a professional straightaway, take the installation job of a skylight in your own hands. Carry the necessary roofing tools and supplies before commencing the project. Also, a handy supervision needs to be at your disposal throughout the length of the project. This initiative would be quite beneficial for you as it would save money on the labor-cost.

Visit a local hardware store and demand a skylight. Nowadays, the skylights come pre-engineered with flashing feature. This eliminates the process of sealing the skylight as the flashing offers easy seal to the setup. Present your point of view to the salesperson and derive any valuable suggestions from him. He may suggest you a better variety of the skylights that would complement your needs.

Reach out to your ceiling and detect the ceiling foist. Under an expert supervision, mark an area on the ceiling that is proportional to the skylight size. Use a pencil or a pen to mark the lines in an accurate manner. Take out the drywall saw from your tool kit and start cutting the tagged zone. Pull out the piece of drywall from the ceiling to expose the plywood or sheathing area. Pick up the marker pen again and line the inside boundary of the void created.

Bring in the long galvanized nails and hammer them down into the tagged corners of the ceiling void. Make sure that the nails are long enough to go through the ceiling and appear on the top of the roof surface. This setup determines you about your cutting operation when you're on the roof. With the help of a staple gun, attach a plastic sheet over the ceiling void in order to prevent debris from falling on the floor once the cutting operation commences.

Make way for a reciprocating saw that would handle the cutting operation of the roof. Cut the area carefully leading to minimum damage to the surrounding roof area. Next, install the skylight piece adhering to the manufacturer's instructions. Let the supervisor assist you with the proper installation of skylight and associated components (mounting brackets, anchors etc).

Finish off the task by applying drywall on the concerned area. Also, prime and paint the ceiling to restore the normality of the setup. - 29857

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