Lighting Up Your Bed & Bath

By Adam Moses

When selecting the lighting configurations in many rooms of a home, we first think about the tasks which are performed in that space, and the mood of the space is normally subordinate to that. Selecting lighting systems for a bedroom and bathroom suite needs a contrary tactic, however. These rooms ought to form an oasis of comfort a home, and the lighting system need to mainly support that purpose. and for this Hampton Bay Lighting is a good decision.

Ambient lighting in a bedroom and master bath should be adequate for easily moving around in the room, locating items in chests, and determining that a blouse and skirt actually match. Lighting levels that go beyond that level aren't good for de-stressing. Ceiling Fixtures or hanging lights need to have dimmers wired in, so that each time you switch on the lights, they are not on at full power.

Naturally, most of us choose to read before sleeping, and others of us have a dressing table in a bedroom or adjacent bath. The two tasks require slightly more light than will be needed in the rest of the room, therefore some form of task lighting will be needed. Wall lamps on extension arms could be mounted by a bed to offer additional lighting for reading without using up the small area on a headboard or bedside table. Recessed lights or track lights might produce the added illumination needed for makeup or hairdressing and in addition works good for Outdoor Patio Lighting. If your routine is particularly detailed, a lighted magnifying mirror might prove useful on a vanity also.

Other bits of the bedroom and bath which could need additional lighting are closets and armories. Bigger areas could be helped by the supplementing of closet lighting, while attaching under cabinet fixtures in more cramped enclosures would make it simpler to locate items on shelves. Bathtubs are additional areas which are ignored when a homeowner is thinking about layered lighting. Once this area is segregated from the rest of the bathroom by a solid shower curtain, the decreased light could make shaving a hair-raising adventure. Recessed lights especially designed for shower enclosures can keep your routine showering tasks from resulting in blood loss.

It is furthermore good to consider that you don't want to lower your standards as regards home lighting, in these rooms or elsewhere. That is why you should think about getting Hampton Bay Outdoor Patio Lighting. Seeing as some lights are pretty much invisible when turned off, a few customers wrongly think that being frugal on appearance or craftsmanship would be acceptable. After all, we want to invest a bit more in the lamps that will be admired by our neighbors, right? The fact is, though, even "hidden" lighting fixtures improve you home's decor and the net worth of your house. Inferior materials or workmanship always lead to malfunctioning or non-functioning lamps, and the frustration which follows that. Do you really want that kind of frustration in your oasis of ease? The most practical approach to lighting in any room is to buy the highest quality lighting fixtures you can afford at the time, so you could benefit from them for years to come. - 29857

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