Outdoor Christmas Lights For 2009

By Cody Scholberg

Not too early for Christmas Decorating Ideas

It?s been a rough year on the economical front, but maybe with the Christmas season approaching you can begin planning for how you will decorate your front yard this year with lighting. It will put you in a holiday frame of mind to think about how the lights on front of your home will be sparkling when those riding by get a look at your efforts. What?s so bad about planning early anyway? With forward thinking you may be able to save money on the things you will need to make your display come alive. There are lots of new lighting ideas this year and many of them take energy conservation into consideration. One example is the LED lighting package.

Have you chosen a holiday theme for your display?

Sometimes, unless there is a preconceived idea, some people tend to just place lights here and there and finally it becomes a little messy. Others already know they want a display that is simple and quietly tasteful. All kids love the Santa figures with bright red and green lights, and some prefer Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. No matter what you decide though, there are plenty of ways to carry out your theme. If you really concentrate on your ideas, you could easily become the winner of the contest in your subdivision for the most cheerfully lit home.

Too much lighting may be ?too much?

Every year there is someone who takes outdoor light decorations "over the top". Surely they had planned to have a bright, cheerful Christmas display, but unfortunately, it comes off looking like a Barnum & Bailey circus. Some frivolity is fun, especially if a family has kids, but it's pretty easy to tell when you've added maybe just one too many inflatable figures to the mix. If you have doubts about your display, don't hesitate to ask a lighting professional for his/her opinion. They wil make suggestions about how to have a display that is really fun for the children without bordering on being "tacky". The good part of contacting a professional is that they will be sure you are using the correct extension cords, etc. to avoid hazardous wiring problems. Have a great lighting experience. - 29857

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