Washing Your Roof With A Pressure Washer

By Scott Rodgers

A cluttered and untidy roof disturbs the overall integrity of your home as far as the sanitation is concerned. The beautification of the home is supplemented by the cleaned and organized areas of the home. One of those areas is your roof.

Often the homeowners neglect the cleanliness of their roofs while beautifying their rest of the setup. The common perception about the roofs is that they're susceptible to dist and dirt as they are constantly exposed to external agents such as air, water, sunlight etc. However, the maintenance and sanitation of the roofs is as quintessential as the preservation of other spaces of the home.

Washing your roof with the help of a sheer force of water is a wise alternative to the manual wash. To do so, walk down to a local hardware store and purchase a hose connect pressure washer. Make sure that the pressure of the equipment falls between 1200-2000 pounds per square inch. If you don't carry enough budgets to purchase the equipment then you can rent the washer.

Grab a good length of a standard hose and connect its one end to a water supply. Attach the other end of the hose to the washer you just purchased and screw it tightly. Turn on the valve of the water source such that normal supply is rendered to the hose.

Plug in the pressure washer and make it face the top of the roof. Meanwhile, switch on the pressure washer to start off the proceedings. Handle the head of the washer strongly such that you are able to control the force of the water.

Control the outgoing stream of water in such a way that it washes all the spreads of the roof evenly. The water coming out of the mouth of the hose possesses a great pressure and hence, it needs to be controlled accordingly.

Keep yourself firmly positioned throughout the life of the project. If you feel uncomfortable in standing on the roof then carry out the operation from the ladder only.

A cleaner roof area would complement the serenity of your beautiful home. - 29857

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