Daffodils Time For Digging And Reseting

By Kent Higgins

There are hundreds of Daffodils varieties to choose from, and the range of color is also extensive. Personally, I will always plant some 'King Alfreds' as an old tried and true one - introduced in 1899 in fact. 'Unsurpassable,' another large trumpet yellow, is just what its name implies, while 'Mount Hood' is hard to beat as an all white. For the real specialist, there are all the various species kinds. Many cities have clubs that specialize in growing all kinds for an educational display at spring shows. Plant now so that the bulbs may become established before extremely cold weather sets in.

This group of bulbs may be used in front of, or as a part of, the perennial border as facing-down plantings in front of shrubs; in rock gardens; in beds; or naturalized. In fact, they seem to grow and produce flowers with very little effort just about anywhere. When flowers decrease in size and number, it is usually time to dig and reset. October is also the month for this. In replanting, follow the same procedure as for planting new bulbs.

Tulips - These beautiful flowers have a fabulous history that is paralleled by few garden flowers like aechmea fasciata. They have even provided food in times of depression for certain peoples of the world. Generally speaking, the tulips are planted in about the same manner as the narcissus and aechmea fasciata. However, a sand cushion under the bulbs will insure less loss by rotting.

In planting, mass colors are usually more effective. In planting beds for mass color, remove all the soil to the desired depth and place the bulbs on even spacing, usually four to six inches. Then fill in the soil around and over them. An inch of sand over the planting area as a cushion before placing the bulbs will eliminate air spaces under them and insure good root development for the bulbs.

A simple method to get uniform spacing of bulbs is to use an inverted flower pot as a marker for spaces. All gardeners have their favorites. - 29857

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