Ways To Unblock A Drainage Pipe ?

By Scott Rodgers

One of the most widely and frequently occurring plumbing problem in most households is the blockage of the drain pipes whether it is the sink pipe or the bathroom drainage pipe. A water-filled sink would completely disturb the integrity of your home sanitation. It would also enhance the possibilities of associated problems such as leaks, moisture molds etc. in the plumbing system as well.

A plumber/contractor may be hired to fix the block but meanwhile you can try to unblock the drainage yourself by adopting a predefined course of action and certain measures to go with it.

The preliminary step is to figure out how impenetrable the blockage is and whether it is also affecting the functioning of the associated peripherals such as sinks, toilet waste pipes etc. Once the blockage is elaborated, look out for a clog in the drain pipe as most possible reason behind the water hindrance could be a clog in the form of a mixture of hair, dust particles, soap( or shampoo) scum etc.

Start off the campaign by pulling off the pipe's end from the sink or the bathroom's inlet. Unscrew the nuts if its a screwed one.

Remove the clog straightaway if it is visible to you otherwise use a long rod or a hooked wire to reach out to the clog in the pipe.

If you're not able to explore the clog and don't know the exact location of the clog in the pipe then a plunger has to be brought in. A plunger will suck the pipe in and out so as to clear off all the midway lying foreign materials. Once you start noticing a dip in the water level in the bathroom or sink, it means that the clog has been cleared.

If however you only hear some water gurgles but nothing seems to be changing then put a chemical cleaner into the pipe to make way for water. It has to be taken care that the chemical used is potentially hazardous and hence should be used only as the ultimate solution if all else fails.

A plumber/contractor has to be called if you are not able to diagnose the problem and every attempt to fix the block seems to be going in vain. Hence the next time you face such a problem you may recall the plumber's procedure to unblock the waste pipe yourself as well. - 29857

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