Designing A Beautiful Garden In 3 Easy Steps

By Heather Christman

The garden you create and decorate manifests your personality. Decorating it in your own way is the most interesting and fun things about gardening. The following three steps give you a clue about the creation and decoration of your garden.

1. Decide on your layout. A formal garden will have straight lines and very structured paths, while a cottage garden will have flowing lines and meandering paths.

2. After deciding on the layout of your garden, decide on the plants you are going to pick for it. Japanese Maple and Bamboo are suited for the modern style, Roses suit the traditional style and the perenials like Black Eyed Susan and Coneflower are best suited for the country styles of gardens.

3. Then comes the selection of accessories for your garden. The accessories you decide on should go well with the plants you select. The plants and the accessories both together exhibit your individuality and so, the selection of accessories for your garden is also one of the important things to consider.

The accessories for your garden can be decorative containers, garden gates and fences, and statuary. The selection of these accessories express your attitude and approach. The following short explanations on the accessories might help you while selecting them for your garden.

Most of the gardens need containers as they resolve the problem of space for gardening to some extent. The advantage of containers in gardening over doing gardening in the ground is that containers allow you to fill in blank spots when your flowers die back. Also, your porch can be made to look colorful by using containers.

Garden fences and gates create backdrops and boundaries for your garden. They are wonderful to plant against and can really make all of your plants stand out. You can also use short decorative fencing as a border in your garden.

And finally, the statues you select for your garden should be such that it boasts your interest. You can decorate your garden in your own way with a wide selection of garden statues.

The most important part of the gardening is your enjoyment while creating and decorating it.

However you decide to decorate your garden, you want to be sure that your decoration match your style. Happy decorating! - 29857

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