Important Days for Gifting Flowers in Russia

By Shane Winson

Before sending flowers to Russia, you should know about the local traditions and how the local people expect to get flowers. You can use the below information to send flowers the way they should be.

For a birthday party, sending a flower will be considered good. You should at least have one flower if not a bouquet along with a gift. Gifting flowers to men was not common previously but you can do it nowadays.

If you are about to send flowers to men, you should ask your florist about which ones to gift to men. For special occasions like anniversaries, it will be good to have them arranged on top of a table rather than gifting bouquets.

Gifting flowers on Christmas is also common these days unlike the days of communism when just the New Year Day was celebrated by the Russians. You can ask your florist for Christmas type flowers and bouquets for the occasion. For the New Year, you can ask for a bouquet that suits the occasion.

St. Valentines Day is also celebrated a lot in Russia these days. Red roses are the best choice to gift someone on this day. You can get a bouquet made in a heart shape or ask your florist to arrange your flowers in a heart shape.

Womens Day is very important in Russia than anywhere else. It is one of the occasions when the florist industry is very busy. Every woman, young or old, expects to receive flowers on this day.

Flowers are sent on various occasions in St. Petersburg, Russia. Special arrangements like centerpiece and small bouquets are gifted on wedding days. For funerals, wreaths are laid that have flowers of different type. For wreaths, Casket Spray is used by the family members.

For various other occasions, you may have to either pay a visit to the florist or order online. In Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can find many professional florists than can not only arrange the best flowers but also advice you according to the occasion for which you are sending the flowers. - 29857

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