Teach Your Kids To Cook. Make Homemade Candy.

By Peter Bertonich

A skill that we seem to be losing in our society is cooking. Proper homemade cooking, the type grandma used to do. Homemade cooking should be taught to all kids, and it's up to you as a parent to do so. And start your kids with homemade candy.

If you want to teach kids to cook successfully you've got to get them cooking something they love to eat. All kids love to eat candy. So teach them how to make great homemade candy and they'll be back to cook, and eat, more.

Last night I did some great cooking with my kids who are 8 and 11, and I can't still see their faces as they licked out the bowl. Kids love cooking something that is easy to cook and yummy to eat. Homemade candy is both easy to cook and yummy to eat.

And if they learn to love cooking they'll have a skill they'll appreciate for the rest of their lives. And they graduate from cooking candy pretty fast.

There's a few simple things to remember, whether they're cooking homemade candy or anything else. Allow plenty of time, expect mess, start with a simple recipe and get them started on the simple tasks.

And follow some basic rules for safety too. At the start keep the kids away from heat. So if you're cooking a homemade candy recipe for example, you should always keep them away from hot stuff like syrup. Syrup is heated to a high temperature, so start with something else. No syrup burns for kids.

And there's just some stunning wonderful homemade candy recipes for kids too. I've mentioned syrup, it's also a little difficult to do too, as you have to get the temparature just right, so steer clear of syrup and start with some of the more basic homemade candy recipes like truffles or pralines.

But once you've got the kids cooking confidently there's no end to the wonderful candy recipes you can try. I love toffees, especially chewy toffee variety. Nougat is wonderful as are truffles, there's so many.

Now I'm hungry, got to cook some candy.

But seriously, homemade candy making is a fine way to get the kids to learn, and enjoy, the art of cooking. They're making something they will be guaranteed to love to eat, and they're learning one of life's essential skills.

So get out there and find some hot homemade candy recipes, there's thousands, including lots on my website. It's cheaper to make your own candy and it makes great candy. Get the kids involved, in the future they'll thank you for it. - 29857

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