Take Control of What You Put In Your Body With Organic Gardening

By Tina Hull

The only way to guarantee that you and your family are eating the healthiest food possible is by growing your own organic food. Organic gardening will definitely ensure this. Fish emulsion is a wonderful fertilizer for organic gardening. The greatest nutrients and highest yields come from gardens grown organically with fish emulsion, hands down.

Gardeners around the world have been using fish emulsion for centuries to ensure that their gardens are getting optimal nutrition. There are many methods for organic gardening, and using fish emulsion for fertilizer has delivered tried and true results.

Organic gardening is more than just using a natural fertilizer, though. It's an environmentally friendly way of gardening, which means being mindful of other earth-conserving practices when tending the garden. Water conservation and recycling food wastes for compost are two beneficial gardening practices. By watering appropriately and efficiently, and making home-made compost we not only treat our gardens well but we're respecting our resources and setting an example for the neighborhood. It'll catch on, leaving super-power, chemical using produce plants in the dust as people begin to grow their own healthy food.

If everyone relied on organic gardening as their prime source for food, the world would change dramatically. Our refrigerators would be chemical free and full of nutrition. Changing the way we think will lead us to changing what we buy and what we eat. Thinking before we shop saves tons of waste, and thinking even farther enough ahead will have us growing our own veggies and shopping less altogether, and that bottom line means less waste.

All walks of life are changing their eating habits these days. Unfortunately for the consumer, buying organic can be pretty expensive. It's great for the organic farmer, but too many people simply can't afford to eat healthy, and they suffer in the long run. That's why organic gardening can make a tremendous difference in the overall health of people in general. Since eating organic has made a comeback, more participants benefitting from a healthy diet will make this a health food revolution instead of just a trend.

Green is the way to go. Somehow we became disillusioned that the use of chemicals in our gardens was a good thing, when in fact we were destroying the foundation of our gardens. How much more pain will be inflicted before society realizes what's going on? Organic gardening is playing a huge part in repairing what has been done to the environment.

Organic gardening is saving our environment, one garden at a time. No one has to be wealthy to eat healthy, and growing organic gardens sets a great example for our neighborhood, showing everyone that you can grow lush gardens without chemicals. Fish emulsion has played a gigantic role in organic gardening for centuries, proving itself over and over to be a superior natural fertilizer, and it's helping fix all that we've ruined. Fertilizer is key to keeping our gardens healthy and organic, but let's not forget all of the other important things that contribute to "keeping it green". - 29857

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