Picking and Cooking Popular Steak Cuts

By K.C. Kudra

Are you someone who has a lot of trouble telling different kinds of steak apart? It is not an uncommon tendency, particularly among those of us who eat our steak mostly in restaurants. However, if you would like to start making your own steak dinners at home, you can learn how to do it. Let us take a look at the options available and the best ways to prepare them.

Rib Eye - A good cut for beginners and popular all round choice in restaurants, this fatty steak is flavorful and juicy, and works well in most cooking situations, whether broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.

New York Strip - A tender, versatile cut of meat, New York Strip is also pretty flavorful, and is prepared best by grilling or pan-frying. Skip broiling this one, and trim fat only after you have cooked the steak to retain the most flavor.

Tenderloin - A steak from the parts of the animal that are less likely to be used, this is one of the most expensive cuts around. This tender cut is relatively lean. Because of this, some people sear it in butter or wrap it in bacon. This pricey meat is usually reserved for only special occasions.

T-Bone - This is one of the classic steaks, combining a tenderloin and a New York Strip. The familiar Porterhouse is a kind of t-bone steak cut further up the loin, and known for tenderness and size. They can be tricky to cook, since the bone makes it hard to get the center fully done - this is not a steak for those who like theirs well done. Avoid searing or pan frying this steak in favor of putting it on the grill or under the broiler.

Flank Steak - Long and thin, this is a cut of meat used traditionally in London Broil, but that is not the only option. Consider flank steak on the grill when you are serving a lot of people. Remember that although it is more flavorful than many high-end steaks, it is also pretty expensive. That means you should marinate your flank steak and cook it whole, slicing across the grain on a diagonal to serve.

Skirt Steak - Similar to flank steak, this long thin piece of meat can be cooked a number of different ways. cooking steak in frying pan is a great choice for this meat, traditionally used in fajitas. It can also be braised, stuffed, and grilled.

Top Sirloin - This popular steak is affordable, and more tender than flank and skirt steaks. It is tougher than the fanciest cuts, however, and is very lean. Pound and marinate it for cooking on the grill, or use it in kebabs. - 29857

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