Antler Chandeliers Will Allow You To Be The Envy Of All Your Hunting Friends

By Cody Scholberg

Chandeliers have been manufactured from many different types of materials since the time of their existence. Iron, wood, nickel, brass and gold are just a few of the basic materials that have been used to create the decadent chandeliers. However, despite the chandeliers that have been made from these different materials the most intriguing chandelier is the antler chandelier.

Antler chandeliers can be purchased pre-made or you can choose to utilize antlers that you presently have on hand. A lot of avid hunters seem to always have an extra pair of antlers that they have been waiting to mount on their victory wall.

One of the best things about antler chandeliers is that each and everyone are completely unique. The chandeliers are made from real animal antlers therefore there is no way that an antler chandelier can have an exact replica.

An antler chandelier is the perfect addition to any avid hunters home. Even if you are not a hunter but simply adore the rustic feeling of the great outdoors an antler chandelier will provide your living space with a special touch all its own.

Everyone knows that a chandelier gives a room a feel that is all it?s own, well an antler chandelier subsequently takes that same feeling and multiplies it by two.

In order to ensure that your antler chandelier stands the test of time you need to invest in a lampshade to place over it. The best lampshades to obtain for the chandelier are those that consist of animal hide or leather. You can choose to utilize some additional animal hide that you have on hand or obtain an authentic hand painted lampshade to place over your decadent chandelier.

If you are going to obtain an antler chandelier from a dealer you need to ensure that all of the components that are used on the chandelier are 100% authentic. If you are buying the chandelier from a reputable dealer they will have no qualms about showing you proof that the chandelier that they are selling has nothing but 100% natural parts from animals.

There is one downside to obtaining an antler chandelier the price tag may be a little bit hefty for most people. However, saving up for the chandelier is more than worth it.

Simply imagine what your friends will say when they see that you are setting a standard to display your antlers that none of them have ever considered. Turn your hunting game not only into a display to show on the wall, but also into a display that the whole entire family can use as a source of light. - 29857

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