Indoor Gardening Methods and Systems

By Harry Jackson

There are now many indoor garden systems that can help growers cultivate plants or flowers inside and at any time of year. If you have considered growing indoors now is an excellent time to get started.

They can be used to raise extremely high quality plants anywhere and at any time of year. Indoor gardens are so effective because they permit growers an exceptional degree of control over the growing environment.

No matter the species or type of plant being grown there are only a couple factors that will largely dictate the quality of growth and development; regulating these factors ca go along way to making sure the eventual yield is of very high quality.

Nutrient water feeding and lighting are the two biggest factors that will determine the size, quality, and timing of growth.Plants require specific nutrients and minerals for proper development and lighting provides the energy plants need. Together they supply everything living flora require.

Light is one of the most important elements to supply indoors and also one of the hardest. Outside the sun provides light and provides a significant amount of it. To grow healthy plants indoors the energy from the sun needs to be replicated.

Normal light bulbs found in most household lights are not strong enough to power plant growth. They are not designed to grow plants and so most growers utilize specifically engineered growing lamps. These lamps are used to produce powerful light waves while also being energy efficient to limit electricity usage.

The sun not only produces strong light which helps plants to grow but it also emits light of varying wavelengths. Plants use these different light types and so they must be replicated indoors.

Metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lights, led grow lamps, and fluorescent grow lights are all types of bulbs favored by indoor gardeners. Some growers use only one type of light and others prefer to use a combination of different lights throughout cultivation. - 29857

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